Intensive Professional Programs in English

    FERRANDI Paris' Intensive Professional Programs in English are designed to provide a solid foundation of skills in French Cuisine, French Pastry or French Bread Baking. 

    Programs cover a wide repertoire of techniques and recipes as well as lab and production organization and methodology that will facilitate their entry into professional life.


    Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine


    Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry



    Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking


    Studying gastronomy in France, in the heart of Paris, with access to the best the world of gastronomy has to offer,  only enhances the experience. The combination of formal technical training and exposure to  the professional reality makes for a unique educational opportunity. 

    Our Students

    Our students come from around the world, and although their cultural and professional backgrounds are varied, they all have a common goal : to learn from highly qualified instructors the skills and techniques required to become a professional chef or pastry chef.
    Our program is designed for beginners : it starts with the basics and progresses to more and more sophisticated techniques as the program moves forward. The majority of our students are career-switchers, coming from fields as far from the culinary world as banking, engineering or medicine.  Others know early on that the culinary field is their vocation. 
    The result is a diversity that contributes to the overall experience of living in France and learning a new profession. 
    Upon completion of the program, our former students go on to work for prestigious chefs and pastry chefs or create their own businesses.  We are proud to have many alumni success stories across the globe ! 


    FERRANDI’s teaching facilities are top-notch.  Our teaching is based on individual and team work, hands-on practice and individual guidance by instructors.
    In our “Intensive Professional Programs”, the majority of the contact hours will be spent in the kitchen or lab, along with theoretical and gastronomy-related classes. The focus on hands-on practice aims to anchor the mastery of skills in a comprehensive and intensive program. We place a strong emphasis on work organization, hygiene, appropriate techniques and good habits.  Students will be assigned responsibilities in the lab to reinforce the importance of a solid understanding of the professional environment.


    Students are awarded the FERRANDI Intensive Professional Program diploma upon successful completion of the training with a passing grade average.

    “FERRANDI certificates are widely recognized by professionals both in France and abroad.”