Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking

    Publication date - 17/09/2020

    Taught in English – 10 weeks (340 hours) + 2 month internship 

    The techniques behind the French baguette, making the perfect flaky croissant, mastering a braided brioche : if bread intrigues you and you want to get in-depth professional knowledge on the subject, this program is for you.
    If you are a pastry chef wanting to add a new skill to your repertoire, a chef wanting to prepare in-house breads in your restaurant, a career switcher or future artisanal bread-baking entrepreneur, the Intensive Professional Program in French Bread-Baking will provide you with a good understanding of the workings and the chemistry behind traditional baked goods and the manual techniques to prepare them on your own.
    Practical courses will take place in a bread-baking lab equipped with the latest technology. The focus will be on professional artisanal production methods and techniques.



    • Fundamentals of Breads and ViennoiseriesTraditional breads and production methods
      French regional breads
      Grain-based breads (rye, bran …)
      Special breads : Roquefort, chorizo, herbs, Beaujolais …
      International breads : focaccia, cornbread, pretzels, naan, pita …
      Organic breads
      Festive and party breads : pain surprise, sandwich breads, rolls …
      Viennoiseries : croissants, chocolate bread, brioche, Danish …
    • Professional Excursions
      Rungis International Wholesale market, walking boulangerie tour, flour mill

    Course Schedule

    Courses run from Monday through Friday.  There are no courses on weekends.
    Courses will take place in the morning or afternoon depending on the week.  Morning sessions will begin at 7 AM and afternoon sessions at 1 PM.
    A general week includes 35 to 40 hours of courses per week of which 30 will be spent in the bread baking lab.


    Tuition for the Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking is 12,000 Euros, and incudes uniforms, toolkit, course materials, excursions.
    Tuition does not include housing and living expenses in Paris.
    See Admissions for more information.


    The internship is a unique experience to observe and to gain a better understanding of the workings of a professional bakery. 
    Internships last 2 months.  They are awarded to students who demonstrate a high level of motivation and competency, based on grades, attendance record and overall performance during the training. 
    Internships in the student’s home country are authorized with permission. 

    Language of Instruction

    All teaching in this program will be in English (or in French with simultaneous translation).  Course materials will be in English.  
    Although knowledge of the French language is not a requirement to be admitted to the program, it is important for the internship and more generally for daily life in Paris.

    After the program … 

    FERRANDI prides itself in the quality of its facilities, instructors and professional network. Our students and graduates are sought after by Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and renowned chefs for their professionalism and their ability to integrate into a kitchen quickly and efficiently.
    Graduates of the FERRANDI Intensive Professional Program in French Bread Baking move on to careers in prestigious restaurants, hotels and bakeries in France and abroad or start their own businesses in their home countries.