FERRANDI Paris is run by three bodies: the board of governors, made up of company directors elected to the CCI of the Paris-Île-de¬-France region (who oversee the school’s strategic plan), the management committee (that implements the strategy), and the advisory board, responsible for developing strategy.

    FERRANDI’s board of governors consists of elected members of the Paris-Île-de-France regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The members of the board:

    • Jean-Paul RIGAL     Chairman
    • Shaoul ABRAMCZYK Vice-Chairman
    • Laura ALFANO
    • Dominique ANRACT
    • Gérald BARBIER
    • Marcel BENEZET
    • Saliha BENNACER
    • Patrick BERNHEIM Vice-Chairman
    • Jean-Louis BLACHIER
    • Joël-Louis BOILLEAUT Vice-Chairman
    • Cyril CAPLIEZ
    • Dominique DENIS
    • Maurice FILOSA
    • Marie-Odile HAAG
    • Jean-Claude KARPELES Vice-Chairman
    • Fabienne LICHENTIN
    • François PORTIGLIA
    • Jacques SAGEAU
    • Bruno de MONTE, director,
    • Eric de CHAMPSAVIN, deputy director responsible for full-time courses,
    • Grégoire AUZENAT, deputy director responsible for finance, information technology and general resources,
    • Nathalie CLEMENT-SOLAL, director of communication and promotion,
    • Eliza COGITORE, director of international development,
    • Jacques-Olivier FARMOUZA, director of human resources,
    • Marie-Hélène ROBERT-MOUTAWAKIL, director of educational development and director of adult courses & relations with companies,
    • Anne MEJANE, personal assistant to Bruno de MONTE.