Publication date - 26/09/2019

    As the final episode of a three-part series entitled “Thinking About Cooking”, FERRANDI’s experts (chef-instructors, educational engineers and associate professors) are now offering a new MOOC relating to culinary creativity.

    This free online course will provide you with an introduction to the field of culinary design and all the elements needed to create a successful culinary composition.

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    This course, through a balance of theory and practice, will take you on a journey through the history of culinary illustration. You will then observe, step-by-step, the production of a piece of professional culinary photography, before finally creating a composition of your own which you will have the chance to enter in a large-scale online photography contest.

    Course Structure

    WEEK 1: Understanding culinary design

    Culinary iconography and publishing history
    “180°C”: picture-book or magazine?
    Working as a culinary designer

    WEEK 2: Creating a culinary product

    The chef’s creative process
    Plating - sweet and savoury
    Beyond the plate: the art of the table

    WEEK 3: Constructing a culinary photograph

    Photography techniques
    Creating a culinary photograph step-by-step
    WEEK 4: Online photo contest, open to all

    The Teachers

      Culinary sociopsychologist and associate professor at FERRANDI Paris, Rémy Lucas analyses French food production in order to give new perspectives on culinary trends. He takes a semantic approach to cuisine, decoding food based on its form.
      Teacher at FERRANDI Paris, chef, and Best Craftsman in France 2011 (MOF), Eric Trochon sees cooking as an opportunity for reflection and experimentation. As an entrepreneur, he runs restaurants in both Paris and Tokyo. He is also a culinary designer, having published around 20 cookbooks and contributed to the production of 180°C magazine.
      Trained at FERRANDI Paris, Brian has worked as a chef in both France and the US, co-authored with Eric Trochon, and worked alongside Alain Ducasse’s team as a trainer and consultant. He is currently a project leader at FERRANDI Paris in entrepreneurship and digital innovation in teaching.

    The Experts

    • Virginie Brégeon de Saint Quentin: associate research professor, FERRANDI Paris
    • Benoît Nicolas (MOF 2015): cuisine and gastronomy teacher, FERRANDI Paris
    • Régis Ferey: pastry teacher, FERRANDI Paris
    • Isabelle Chappet: senior professor of Design at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Arts Appliqués et Métiers d'Art - Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA)
    • Garlone Bardel: culinary designer
    • Déborah Dupont: bookshop owner, La Librairie Gourmande
    • Philippe Toinard: editor-in-chief of 180°C and 12.5°C magazines
    • Mathilde de l’Ecotais: artistic director, producer and photographer
    • Brigitte Kreiss and Marine Nyiri: tableware designers, Maison Options
    • Dominique Azambre: photographer and culinary photography teacher