The FERRANDI approach to education

    Publication date - 29/05/2017

    Educational methods enriched by the professional sector 

    The FERRANDI Paris approach to education is based on the school’s outstanding staff and links with well-known enterprises working in the gastronomy and hospitality sectors, which guarantee that its training programs meet all of the industry's needs.  
    By establishing partnerships with renowned companies (Samsung, Les Moulins Soufflet, Groupe FLO, BNP CARDIF Paribas, Accorhotels, HYATT, Intercontinental, Marriott, etc.) and by developing customized training programs (Elior, Sodexo, Pomona, etc.), FERRANDI Paris has positioned itself at the heart of the business and entrepreneurial world. 
    The School offers all its learners the opportunity to follow the same three-pronged approach to training: affirmation of a managerial and entrepreneurial mentality, development of creativity and acquisition of very high-level technical proficiency. 

    Action-based training – the heart of our educational approach: 

    In all of the School's training programs, action-based educational methods facilitate the learners' acquisition of the knowledge and expertise required to practice their profession. This action-based training is a major asset to all our programs and is a powerful lever in attracting apprentices and students to FERRANDI.

    This educational method is employed throughout the training programs:
    Realistic training situations to show the practical applications of the concepts covered, via:

    • Exercises in real-life situations in kitchens and training restaurants;
    • Learners' participation in professional events staged by the School which allow them to interface with leading experts in the sector.
    • Diversified and highly motivating classes, based on case studies revolving around open and carefully structured scenarios in which the lecturer seeks to promote interactions between students.
    • Acquisition of skills that can be easily transposed to meet the requirements of professional realities, with:
    • Internships and apprenticeships in the most highly renowned companies, in France and abroad;
    • Establishment of "pop-up" restaurants and catering concepts that allow students to experience real-life team supervision and business management situations.

    Digital technologies play a central role in our School's educational policy.

    Learners and students have access to numerous tools which allow them to share, interact and collaborate.

    In order to integrate these information and communication technologies which are now considered to be indispensable and a key component of the skills and knowledge acquisition process, FERRANDI Paris is developing its digital education methods by diversifying its learning situations and strategies:

    • FERRANDI Paris has created its own entrepreneurial "serious game" allowing students to acquire fundamental operational management and catering business management notions via an entertaining and interactive tool modeled on video games.
    • Deployment of an optimized Learning Management System (LMS) to allow students to follow online classes and in this way improve their knowledge outside of face-to-face classes.
    • With support from the Ile-de-France Region, FERRANDI Paris provides tablet computers for learners to help them develop their digital knowledge.

    Digital innovation

    As part of the policy to promote the "French Touch", in collaboration with the France Université Numérique platform, FERRANDI Paris is developing a collection of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Classes) targeting a wide audience: 

    • The "Culinary Design" MOOC is the first in the collection, offering learners an introduction to culinary design and to the development of creative thinking in food materials. 
    • The "Culinary Trends" MOOC allows students to observe and analyze culinary trends, and to understand their mechanisms from historical, sociological, design and innovation-based perspectives.

     New MOOCs are currently being prepared and will be added to the collection to form a complete training program leading to the awarding of a FERRANDI Paris certificate.