Eric Ngo, @frenchiethetoast

    After graduating from the University of California San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature, Eric Ngo moved to Paris in 2011 and enrolled in FERRANDI Paris’ CAP in pastry - a professional qualification aimed at career switchers, taught in French. Having received recommendations from French friends and read testimonials online, he chose FERRANDI Paris for its excellent reputation. 

    Following his training, Eric decided to intern in a popular traditional French boulangerie-pâtisserie for an authentic experience of the French pastry industry. Under the guidance of the head pastry chef, he had the opportunity to try out many different tasks (as well as to perfect the techniques to make his favourite pastry, the croissant!). Through this ‘pleasant experience’, he gained a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a pastry chef. 

    Beyond this professional experience, Eric says he has benefited greatly from the network the FERRANDI Paris Alumni Association - a network of former students from all programs and backgrounds. Thanks to this community, he was not only invited to return to school as a judge for the CAP creativity exams, but has also received job offers from fellow FERRANDI Paris graduates. 

    Today, Eric’s career has led him in an exciting direction - delivering French pastry classes to English-speaking audiences, with clients including FERRANDI Paris. His classes focus on some of the most iconic French pastries such as choux à la crème, éclairs, tarts, croissants and macarons. 

    As for what he has learned throughout his career - he highlights the importance of asking questions. Always asking ‘why?’, has allowed him to improve recipes and techniques, as well as to be a better instructor. The desire to answer these questions has, he says, given him a reason to wake up in the morning and make the world a better place one recipe at a time.