French Pâtisserie by FERRANDI Paris


From the fundamentals of pastry making to recipes of 3 levels of difficulty developed by the greatest pastry chefs

  • 1500 skills and techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions and tips from FERRANDI Paris’s experienced chefs
  • 235 classic French recipes that include variations rated in 3 levels of difficulty
  • In this baking book, the chefs from FERRANDI illustrate how even those with amateur cooking skills can acquire basic techniques and learn to master Michelin-level desserts.
  • From flaky croissants to paper-thin mille-feuille, and from the chestnut cream–filled Paris-Brest to festive yule logs, this comprehensive book leads aspiring pastry chefs through every step. 

Pâtisserie de FERRANDI Paris, aux éditions Flammarion


Featuring advice on how to equip your kitchen and organized by category, French Pâtisserie includes recipes for essential doughs, fillings, and decorations, and provides step-by-step instructions with each recipe—often provided with several variations that are graded by difficulty—as well as a plethora of practical information depicted in tables, diagrams, and sidebars.

Participation of France’s award-winning pastry chefs: Ophélie Barès, Christelle Brua, Christine Ferber, Nina Métayer, Christophe Adam, Julien Alvarez, Nicolas Bacheyre, Nicolas Bernardé, Nicolas Boussin, Yann Brys, Frédéric Cassel, Gontran Cherrier, Philippe Conticini, Yann Couvreur, Christophe Felder, Cédric Grolet, Pierre Hermé, Jean-Paul Hévin, Arnaud Larher, Gilles Marchal, Pierre Marcolini, Carl Marletti, Yann Menguy, Christophe Michalak, Angelo Musa, Philippe Urraca.

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Date of publication : october 2017
Price : 49,90€
Number of page : 650
Available languages : French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch


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