Master class by Pierre-Edouard Robine, farmer and wild plant gatherer, for FERRANDI Paris Bachelor students

10 June 2024
Master class de Pierre-Edouard Robine, agriculteur artisan de cueillette sauvage, auprès des étudiants en Bachelor ACE de FERRANDI Paris

On Friday 7 June, our 3rd year Bachelor in Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship students had the privilege of attending a master class with Pierre-Edouard Robine, a farmer and wild plant gatherer.  

Based in Normandy, Pierre-Édouard Robine picks the wild plants that will enhance the flavours of the gourmet dishes prepared in France's most famous restaurants, such as La Table Bruno Verjus and Le Mirazur.
Pierre-Edouard Robine is part of a virtuous process of passing on and making the most of what nature has to offer. For Pierre-Edouard, harvesting means adding that subtle flavour to a dish and awakening the taste and curiosity of everyone. 

Thank you to Pierre-Edouard for his generous talk, which delighted our students.