Elsa Pierret

    Publication date - 13/03/2019

    'At FERRANDI Paris, I gained a real appreciation for the culinary arts'

    Ambitious and full of ideas for future projects, Elsa Pierret graduated from her Bachelor’s in Management from FERRANDI Paris in 2014.
    Over the course of the following three years, she undertook her professional internships in smaller institutions and in renowned establishments such as Le Meurice or the Michelin-starred restaurant Auréole in New York.

    He degree completed, Elsa worked on the opening of the ‘Gare aux Gorilles’ restaurant, then started up her own supply service at home. Today, she is bringing her entrepreneurial dream to life, opening her take-away shop ‘Elsa et Justin’ last October in Paris.

    ELSA ET JUSTIN, Kiosk, Supplier, 100% Seasonal Vegetables

    Since the end of October 2017, Elsa & Justin have been serving vegetable- and grain-based sustainably farmed, locally-sourced meals in their shop in the rue Faubourg Saint-Martin (Paris 10ème).
    ‘We do not claim to serve solely healthy or vegetarian food. Our concept is that of open cuisine, offering a choice that is both elegant and high-quality.’ At the same time, Elsa hopes to limit herself only to using locally-sourced products (2hrs away from Paris maximum) in order to keep the food fresh and locavore. ‘I’m happy to be finally leaving my mark and to have our own brand,’ the young woman recounts.

    The Need for a Legacy

    Elsa is still shaped by the demanding teaching from FERRANDI Paris. ‘Even today, I don’t dally about, even in waiting rooms. We acquired discipline; unchanging principles of common courtesy that we still have today. In my job, where customer relations is the priority, this is very important!’
    Elsa also recalls her management teacher, Fabrice Ribeiro, who brought a modern and professional touch to her training. ‘We were no longer pupils, but rather real professionals.’ Her fondest memory is still of the third-year test: the business plan, which served as an essential transition from school to professional life. ‘Those were months of unrelenting hard work. I had the chance to may the foundations for lmy own project. I gave my all.’