Cuisine Training Weeks

    Publication date - 20/04/2017

    If you are a culinaryprofessional or have previous training and are looking to learn new recipes and skills for the development of your career or your business, FERRANDI Paris offers a series of short courses (3 to 5 days) that focus on specific themes.

    FERRANDI Paris "Training Weeks" are designed for professionals or students in the culinary fields. Participants should master basic kitchen skills and must be over 18 years of age to register. All courses are taught in English.


    Cuisine Bistronomique



    French bistro cuisine is noteworthy for its homey style and use of seasonable, reasonably-priced ingredients. Revisit the bistro classics with a chef-instructor who will show you how to update these iconic dishes with modern touches, new presentations and today’s techniques.

    • May 28th - June 1st, 2018 (35 hours - 5 days) 
    • Price : 2 200 €




    Cooking from the Market

    Cooking from the market.jpg


    The outdoor markets in France are renowned for the quality of products and their unique atmosphere.  With a chef-instructor, participants will purchase produce, meats, fish and dairy products at a Parisian market and turn them into a meal of several courses.

    • May 22nd - May 25th, 2018 (28 hours - 4 days) 
    • Price : 1 600 €


    Cocktail Buffet

    cocktail buffet.jpg


    Cocktail buffet concept is more and more popular, as one of the best ways of  entertaining is to serve small portions of food. Come and learn the skill of maximizing the taste and visual appeal for finger food. Master the key elements to produce an attractive buffet.
    • Next session January 2019
    • Price: 2000 Euros