Your apprenticeship, internship and job offers

    Because FERRANDI Paris places companies at the heart of its educational process, the School has established a dedicated platform for your apprenticeship and internship offers for its three campuses (Paris, Jouy en Josas - Yvelines, and Saint Gratien - Val d'Oise), as well as your job offers (open-ended and fixed-term contracts or catering assistant posts). 
    This allows you to contact highly motivated candidates trained exclusively by FERRANDI Paris. You can create an information sheet about your company and then post your advertisement on our platform, stating the desired candidate profile and the level of training required. 

    But before you post your offer, we would like to draw your attention to the changes in our students' profiles over recent years:

    • An increasing proportion of women 
    • An increasingly high educational attainment level
    • A growing number of adults on occupational retraining schemes, with rich professional backgrounds, often accompanied by management experience
    • A growing proportion of trainees of different nationalities and cultures, who come from all over the world for training in French gastronomy
    • Enthusiastic candidates for whom catering is a dream profession 
    • Determined people who have carefully mapped out their personal and professional projects
    • Candidates who are now willing to share every detail of their professional experience on social networks without hesitation


    In this context, passing on your passion for the trade to them will be a pleasure, but also a great responsibility because you will be a role model for them. During their internships or apprenticeships, you will be passing on all your expertise to highly motivated young people who will be participating in your company's daily activities. By allowing them to perform varied and rewarding tasks, which always correspond to their training programs, you will be contributing to the success of their training and helping them to obtain their diploma.
    Hosting a FERRANDI Paris intern is a real commitment, but also a fantastic opportunity to recruit an employee who has been specifically trained to meet your company's needs and to conform to its culture, while eliminating the costs associated with finding and integrating a suitable candidate. If you have never been an internship tutor or an apprentice supervisor, FERRANDI Paris can offer you training to obtain your training licence, and a 4-hour refresher course to be taken every 3 years. These training courses have been compulsory since August 1st, 2013.


     So, remember to plan ahead, because the Ecole FERRANDI Paris is renowned for the quality of its teaching and there is a huge demand for its students! To be sure of posting your advertisement at the best time, consult the list below to discover the periods when our students are looking for internships or apprenticeship contracts, and when they are required to be undergoing in-company training for each training program.