Marketing & Commercial partnership

    Do we share the same commitment to developing the hospitality, catering and craft sectors, the same passion for exceptional products and the same values of outstanding expertise? 
    Are you an artisan, a producer, a designer, a manufacturer, an SME or a major group working in the culinary field in the broadest sense of the term (ingredients, table arts, culinary utensils and equipment, professional clothing, etc.)? 

    Do you market a service that can facilitate our students’ daily lives and help them with their formalities on a personal or professional level (banking products, insurance, accommodation, accounting services or legal advice)? 

    Our 120 chef instructors can be your best ambassadors, and each year our 4,300 young and adult students – soon to be joined by our project holders – can become your future customers

    FERRANDI Paris, Europe's leading training group for the hospitality and gastronomy professions (culinary, pastry making, bread baking, delicatessen, chocolate-making, service, oenology, hospitality, F&B management, etc.) has 4 campuses in France: Paris, Jouy-en-Josas, St Gratien, and Bordeaux. In 2019 FERRANDI will be opening a 5th campus at the heart of the city of gastronomy in Dijon, as well as a 5* training hotel in Issy les Moulineaux.
    The FERRANDI Group currently trains 2,000 students per year, from the CAP (Certificate of Vocational Aptitude) to Master's degree level 
    We also provide training in culinary techniques for 2,000 adults per year, who are practising professionals or following occupational retraining programs: 2 or 3 days on a specific topic, 4 to 8 months in preparation for the CAP diploma.
    We shall also be supporting project holders and young entrepreneurs from the start of 2018 by offering 4 months of support in preparation for launching their businesses in the gastronomy sector, and an adaptable concept lab and tasting room equipped with video facilities for developing their new projects or concepts.
    In addition, we also host 300 international students per year who come from all over the world to follow our "Intensive Professional Program" in English, lasting several months. The majority of them return to their countries of origin to open their own establishments.

    FERRANDI Paris can also act as a showcase for your products exhibited to professionals and the food-loving general public.
    Renowned for its academic excellence, the FERRANDI School is the ideal venue for hosting culinary events. 
    Each year, over 100 events are held in its private venues: 4 training restaurants, 2 amphitheatres and a culinary workshop for cookery and pastry-making lessons for the general public.

    • Numerous culinary awards with juries consisting of top Michelin-starred chefs: the final of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (France's Finest Artisan) competition, the President of the Republic’s Culinary Challenge, the Olivier Roellinger Competition for the conservation of marine resources, Le Taittinger, the International Culinary Prize, the Competition to find the rising star of the year, Le Chef, the Prosper Montagnier International Culinary Cup,  the Antonin Carême, Passion and Marcel Le Servot Euro Toques Trophies, the Young Master-Restaurateur Trophy, and the final of the Meilleurs apprentis de France (France's Finest Apprentices) Trophy, etc.  
    • The Collège Culinaire de France's events 
    • The Festival of Gastronomy
    • Visits by official French and foreign delegations 
    • Shootings of films and television programs (on 16 October 2016, "Reportage" on French TV channel TF1 screened a 90-minute program about FERRANDI Paris)
    • Press conferences  
    • Culinary films shot by our clients
    • Cookery lessons dedicated to bloggers in our culinary workshop
    • Contributions to our students' training by top Michelin-starred chefs
    • Our participation in the Taste Of Paris trade fair at the Grand Palais (in 2017 featuring 3 Michelin-starred chefs who are alumni of FERRANDI)...  

    offer so many opportunities to raise the profile of your products and promote them to professionals and the food-loving general public.



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