Consulting, Development & Training


    Needing a fresh, constructive and innovative perspective?

    FERRANDI Paris dedicates its gastronomic expertise to improving the performance of its clients in the hospitality and catering, bread-baking & pastry-making, agri-food and mass retailing sectors.

    Ferrandi Paris provides customized solutions in Consulting, Development & Training 

    FERRANDI Paris's missions vary according to each request, from operational assistance and recipe creation through to designing an entire catering concept and the vocational training of staff.

    • Creation of catering concepts
    • Culinary identity
    • Menu creation
    • Creation of cocktail and drink selections
    • Selection of suppliers and product ranges
    • Organisation of production
    • Cost control and profit optimization
    • Quality control
    • Redefinition of reception & customer service 
    • Assistance with the hiring of staff and the organization of teams


    • Culinary trends
    • The language of taste, to improve the collaboration between R&D, marketing and sales
    • Sensory analysis
    • Creativity workshops
    • Recipe creation
    • Product design
    • Video showcasing of your new recipes
    • Cookery lessons dedicated to your new culinary creations
    • Product testing
    • Market research
    • Development of a product & occupational culture, to develop a common language with your customers 


    We can offer a wide range of topics to professionalize and improve your staff's skills, on the individual and collective levels.
    All of the training courses listed in our catalog can be adapted and delivered over a chosen period, either at your company or on the FERRANDI Paris campus.
    Designing a customized training course allows you to help your staff develop specific and practical skills, while optimizing your budget.
    Our dedicated teams will support you throughout the creation of your training plan.


    Short refresher training courses 

    • Traditional catering
    • Mass catering
    • Culinary techniques 
    • Pastry making
    • Bread baking & Viennese pastry making
    • Customer Service & Relations
    • Cocktails, oenology and wine waiting
    • Management
    • Financial management
    • Management
    • Hygiene
    • Compulsory training courses

    Training programs leading to degrees and qualifications

    • CAP (Certificate of Vocational Aptitude) in Cookery, CAP in Pastry Making, CAP in Bread Baking
    • CQP (Professional Qualification Certificate) for Head Chefs, CQP for Commis Chefs
    • Entrepreneurship in Gastronomy

    Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

    • Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Entrepreneurship
    • Bachelor's degree in F&B and Hospitality Management
    • CQP for Head Chefs, CQP for Commis Chefs