Combined Tracks

    FERRANDI Paris is now offering interested candidates the opportunity to optimize their culinary training by combining programs and disciplines !  

    Our new combined tracks provide you with either :

    • a comprehensive experience in two culinary fields, to give you a well-rounded profile for your future endeavors
    • a comprehensive experience from beginner to advanced level, to ensure that you are ready to jump into the industry, in an existing business or in your own.

    Combined Professional Tracks

    Becoming an accomplished chef or running a food-related business requires a comprehensive skill set.  Combine French Cuisine and French Pastry to boost your employability and open a multitude of opportunities !  Or if baking is your passion, combine French Pastry and French Bread Baking to launch your dream business !

    • Language: English
    • French is also taught for those below B2 level


    Intensive Professional Program in French Cuisine   +               Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry 

    • 32 weeks' training and two 12-week internships
    • February 2022  or August 2022
    • Tuition : 43,700 Euros


     Intensive Professional Program   +               Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine or French Pastry

    Mastering the fine art of French Cuisine or French Pastry is a long-term project.  

    Prepare yourself for your new career by choosing a 12 month experience focused on the field you are passionate about.

    • 24 weeks' training, plus 2 internships (12 weeks + 8 weeks)
    • February 2022
    • Tuition : 34,900 Euros