Claire Sonnet

    Publication date - 13/03/2019

    Deeply passionate about her craft, the new director of the Crillon gastronomic restaurant is ready to take on new challenges.

    Claire entered into the culinary world while studying Psychology, with an internship in a restaurant. Confident and full of passion, she changed career path, and joined FERRANDI Paris to complete a CAP in dining service and then continued with a degree in restaurant management. ‘FERRANDI gave me quality education and helped me reach my full potential.”

    Claire deepened her knowledge at the Yacht Club de France, then packed her bags for London where she worked at the Galvin at Windows. She then made a tour of Europe and worked for the Lezama Group in Madrid. Back in Paris she joined the Plaza Athénée team, working alongside Denis Courtiade. In order to familiarize herself with different structures, Claire worked most notably with Cyril Lignac,

    then returned to the Plaza Athénée as chef de rang. ‘When you love what you do, time doesn’t drag by.’ Having climbed the ranks, Claire ended up become the top maître d’hôtel along with Denis Courtiade. ‘A chapter of my life full of sharing.’

    Claire then went on to become the director of the Hötel de Crillon restaurant; where renovations concluded in July 2017. The pre-reopening had been a very intense time, ‘we had to form a young team as well as new collaborations. The human diversity of this project is huge, and we are writing this page of our lives together, and notably with chef Christoph Hache who has returned with a matured and further enriched knowledge of cuisine.

    In an intimate restaurant environment, Claire supported the client with the smallest of details and oversaw the designing of a custom menu. ‘In this restaurant named L’Ecrin, each guest is a jewel to cherish. Time should stop for them.’ Claire was motivated by the customer’s amazement and the willingness to go beyond their expectations.
    ‘My advice for those who wish to set out on their own fantastic job: dare to do what you love, be positive, give yourself the means, and surpass even yourself.’