Careers path of alumni: Yann Menguy, passion first and foremost

    Yann starts to be interested in pastry making at an early age. Barely 14 years old, he gives a hand in the bakery of his neighborhood. "I was eager to learn," he says. You could find him there every Sunday morning, cutting fruit or washing dishes. "I was really doing it to learn, to be part of the big boys and have that little responsibility. 

    Wanting to take it to the next level, he inquired about the "grandes écoles" of the time and didn't hesitate long before enrolling at FERRANDI Paris. "I still remember waiting with my father and mother, who used to bring me by car, in front of the big door of Ferrandi and then I leave alone with my little briefcase, a little anxious. For me Ferrandi was, and still is, really the reference". He spent 3 years there, following a CAP and a BEP. He remembers his time at FERRANDI Paris as his best years.

    He remembers a few anecdotes, a trip to Mijoux "What we had a laugh", jokes between friends "we slipped stuff into the hooves of friends who arrived late, like pastry cream from the day before, teenager things. Afterwards, there were moments that were simpler than others, but I have really good memories of them".
    When he gets out of school, he takes a year in general stream, which only reinforces his desire to enter the world of work. He then moved on to Relais & Châteaux and Starred. "Each time I did something, I wanted it to make sense. He worked for three years at Hédiard, then in the hotel business on rue de la paix in Westminster. He then went to Switzerland for a few years and came back to work in France while taking part in the show "Who will be the next great pastry chef? "Where he was spotted by Christophe Michalak who offered him to host his Michalak Masterclass. He then joined the Ladurée team before opening his own brand, La Goutte d'Or, in 2016.A pastry and coffee shop, minimalist decoration, it has a "like at home" atmosphere. On the back wall, a large opening gives a glimpse of the laboratory, in the image of the bakery of his childhood. But he doesn't intend to stop there and is going to open a second "rue Voltaire" on the same model as the first one.

    There will be a convivial atmosphere, but also a chefs' table, workshops, an urban greenhouse... A new adventure that is in line with the young man's motivation: "Finding new products and new projects makes me happy".

    Even today, Yann maintains a strong relationship with his school, and particularly with his former teachers whom he comes to see regularly. He associates FERRANDI Paris with the value of transmission, a value that he applies in turn. "I owe them a lot because it's thanks to them that I've gotten to where I am now, so I think it's the least I can do to go back and see the students who are starting. You have to remember where you come from. With a wise advice for future generations: "Don't want it all, immediately". To meditate...

    FERRANDI Paris:

    • In 3 words: Excellence, Transmission and Passion