Careers path of alumni : Tomy Gousset, with his head in the stars

    Tomy Gousset has a reason to be happy: his restaurant Tomy & Co has kept its Michelin star after obtaining this prestigious recognition for the first time in 2019. His second establishment, Hugo & Co, received the distinction of best bistro of the year via Gault & Millau last year. His latest addition, the Mediterranean-flavoured restaurant Marso & Co, which opened in 2019, has also hoisted itself in the landscape of quality Parisian restaurants. These are great tokens of recognition for this young chef who savors, modestly, this moment as "a great step in our projects and for the team".

    However, cooking was not a vocation: coming from a family of artists, he decided, after obtaining his baccalaureate, to follow a course in economics. An article about FERRANDI Paris convinced him to join the institution and change directions.

    He experienced no regrets once he integrated into this den of gastronomy, thanks in particular to his teacher Jean-François Plat, whose words he still remembers today: "I cook with my own hands to please". To please, to respect the product while transforming it and to innovate: these are the key words of Tomy Gousset who has in him "the thirst to learn and to do well".  Gousset has been lucky to practice this creative approach and this respect for products with great chefs such as Alain Solivérès, Yannick Alléno or Daniel Boulud.

    Having acquired enough knowledge thanks to these solid experiences, he decided to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure by first creating Tomy & Co in 2016, Hugo & Co in 2018 and finally Marso & Co in 2019. 

    Each time experiencing public success, the loyalty of his clients and the esteem from his peers, Gousset explains that this adventure is not a solitary act, recognizing and acknowledging the teams and their efforts to create and maintain the success of his establishments.

    In addition to that, Tomy Gousset is keen on making sure that each of his employees finds a good balance between professional and private life, which is why he chose to close his restaurants on weekends.

    The large number of CVs sent to him in a sector that has difficulty recruiting is no accident... It largely owes to his loyalty towards his former school, with which he maintains strong ties, particularly with Stéphane Jakic and Benoit Nicolas, both teachers who help him recruit young trainees: "They trust me because they know that 100% of the students feel good". This is certainly not the least of the successes of this chef who knows how to combine high standards, rigor and humanity.





    Watch Tomy Gousset's video testimony in which he shares his story of culinary and entrepreneurial excellence, strongly linked to our school.