Careers path of alumni : David Lebée or the art of identifying new markets

    Sometimes coincidence is a plan in disguise. It is because his mother, who was a journalist at Le point, worked not far from the school and liked its application restaurant. She proposed to him to have lunch there since she was in short of ideas on where to eat. A delightful initiative because David Lebée is inspired. At his point, not very intested in studies, he joined FERRANDI – Paris and successively passed his exams at the BEP Bac Pro and BTS while gaining experience at the Méridien Montparnasse and then at the Marriot.

    With acuiring an additional diploma at the international institute of communication of Paris and having a certain interest for event orgaisation, he launches a créer as a wedding planner then retunrns to the hotel sector by intergrating the Millenium group and Copthorne Hotels as sales manager.His meeting with Gilbert costes and his son theirry costes is a life changing event for him. He was offered the number two position in the management of a 4 star hotel and then the general management of the « Amour Paris » hotel. An establishment completely atypical with rooms designed by artists with different arrangements, without TV or telephone. "It was one of the best times of my life," says David. He continued to work there for four years. That's when Dayuse's idea was born, he noticed the high demand for daytime room rentals: "We have been able to industrialize and digitalize Dayuse". He therefore launched this concept during his last year in  hotel management, and then, seeing that the activity was off to a good start he decided to leave his job to fully engage in this entrepreneurial adventure.

    In 2019, Dayuse had a business volume of 55 million, 82% of which were achieved outside France, 5000 partner hotels, spread over 26 countries ( the most important in terms of business are the United States and England), with 700,000 customers and soon 100 employees. These figures reflect the impressive growth of the company established on 4 continents, and which is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. "Paying the right price for the right consumption».

    This is how David describes the principle of Dayuse's offer. He distinguishes 3 types of customers: the "digital nomad" who needs a temporary office, the traveler who is looking for a room, the "local customer" who needs a temporary office to rest for a few hours and the "local" customer who seeks to benefit from the infrastructure of the hotel like its swimming pool or its gym. David attributes his success to two important elements: the first one is the Costes family who taught him how to set up a brand and how to control costs; the second with the FERRANDI Paris School, who taught him discipline in work and the demands of the sector. A strong link with his school, which he would like to strengthen in the coming years. Message heard!

    FERRANDI Paris:

    • In 3 words: Discipline, Experience, Multiculturality
    • One main dish: a pizza margarita “it’s simple but it’s very good, we always wanto to eat it, whatever he reason, and above all it is something that brings a smile to everyone, from children to older peopleIn addition to that, Tomy Gousset is keen on making sure that each of his employees finds a good balance between professional and private life, which is why he chose to close his restaurants on weekends.





    Watch David Lebée's video testimony.