Careers path of alumni: Anna Reckmann

    "For as long as she could remember, she always loved to try new things while cooking. After getting her high school diploma, she pursued studies to become a chemist. As time passed, she realized that cooking - which she thought was only a hobby - was more than that and turned out to be her destiny, especially pastry : “it was my real passion”.

    She decided to give it a go and looked for schools and discovered FERRANDI Paris : “It has a really good reputation, and more importantly for me its program gave me the possibility to learn a lot in a short time”. She appreciated the moments spent at school and the opportunities that it gave her. She had the chance to work in prestigious places such as the bakery of Gilles Marchal or even at Un dimanche à Paris. “I enjoyed the program, the environment, the time shared with other students from other countries. At FERRANDI Paris, you do just not learn how to bake pastries, you also learn about different cultures”.

    After getting her degree in 2015, Anna went back to Frankfurt to follow her dream. She started by creating her own brand and sold pastries online for 4 years. She’s finally been able to open her own pastry shop in 2019, to which she gave her own name “Pâtisserie Anna Reckmann”. Every day she uses the skills she’s been taught at school : “I learned all the techniques and the knowledge about pastries, and the french valuation of food”.

    Her creative side didn’t leave her as she still loves to make new products and seeks inspiration everywhere : “what motivates me is the fact that I can make other people happy with my creations”.

    She encourages people who want to work in the same field : “Follow your dream, there is always a way. It may not be easy but if you have a passion you’ll find a way and succeed”.