Advanced Professional Programs in French Cuisine and French Pastry



    For over 20 years FERRANDI Paris’ Intensive Professional Programs in English have trained over 1500 international students in the fine art of French Cuisine, Pastry and Bread Baking. 



    This year, FERRANDI Paris is launching two new programs designed especially for culinary professionals.  The Advanced Professional Programs in either French Cuisine or French Pastry will provide a unique learning experience aimed at enhancing technical skills and stimulating creativity.  Taught by FERRANDI Paris chef-instructors and prestigious guest chefs, these programs will cover advanced, contemporary techniques and will give participants multi-faceted insights and tips on developing creative skills and cultivating one's culinary identity.

    Each program lasts 8 weeks and combines lab sessions, expert speakers and visits with professionals, with an emphasis on the hands-on learning approach that characterizes FERRANDI Paris programs. If you are looking for an opportunity to boost your culinary career and live your passion to the fullest, take a look at our new Advanced Professional Programs!


    >> Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine

    Modules include:

    Plating Technique, Creative Plating, Product Sourcing, Culinary Trends, Reinterpretation of Classics, Cuisine de MOF

    The program will end with a Creativity Event during which participants will create a recipe which will be judged by a professional jury. 

    Session Dates:

    October 16th - December 11th 2020                                               

    April 7th - June 4th 2021

    >> Advanced Professional Program in French Pastry

    Modules include:

    Plated Desserts, Trendy Chocolate Bonbons, Contemporary Cakes/Entremets, Advanced Tarts, Recipes for Parties and Events (petit-fours, chocolate sculptures, wedding cakes ...), Boutique Products (modern viennoiseries, ice cream desserts, individual cakes ...)

    The program will end with a "Creativity Event" during which participants will develop and produce a personal recipe.  

    Session Dates:

    October 16th - December 11th 2020                                               

    April 7th - June 4th 2021

    Special Features

    At key moments during each program, a professional photographer will be on-hand to capture particpants' work in view of producing a souvenir album. 

    Participants who wish to intern in France will be permitted to do so for a period of two months provided that they indicate their interest during the application / admission process.  Placements will be provided by FERRANDI Paris. 


    13,750 Euros