Advanced Professional Program in French Cuisine

    Publication date - 29/10/2018

    This program has been designed for professionals and confirmed or aspiring restaurant entrepreneurs interested in taking their culinary knowledge and skills to a new level.  Through a balanced mix of expert insights and hands-on practice with high-level chefs, participants will be given the tools and knowledge to take their careers to the next step.

    Program Content

    • Retracing the History of French Gastronomy and Table Arts : 
      Important influencers, past and present ; service, table arts and gastronomy ; emblematic dishes
    • Culinary Trends, Restaurant Management Basics
    • Creative Plating
      Contemporary plating styles and techniques, choosing tableware and valorizing dishes
    • Culinary Creativity
      The creative process, from inspiration to the creation of a new recipe
    • Revisiting the Classics
      An exercise to stimulate culinary creativity
    • Culinary Modules
      Amuse-Bouche, Appetizers, Meats & Fish, Healthy & Natural Cooking
    • Recipe Creation
      Throughout the program, participants will work on an individual recipe creation project, with input from experts and inspiration from the program content ; during the final week, participants will produce their recipes and present them to a jury

    Instructors and Guest Chefs

    A team of talented chef-instructors and prestigious chefs and experts will contribute their personal expertise to this program.  They have been selected based on their industry and teaching experience as well as for their unique culinary styles and identities.


    Eric Trochon

    Chef-instructor at FERRANDI Paris, MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) 2011, chef-owner of several successful restaurants in France and abroad, Eric Trochon is a multi-faceted professional whose interests go beyond cooking technique and skills to englobe culinary design and food styling.  He is one of the main actors of FERRANDI Paris’ MOOC’s on Culinary Design, Culinary Trends (which will be offered to Advanced program students) and the new MOOC to be published at the end of 2019, Food Styling.


    Romuald Fassenet, MOF 2004

    Chef Romuald Fassenet is chef-owner, with his wife, sommelière, of the Chateau Mont-Joly in the city of Dole (Jura region), a luxury hotel with a 1-Michelin star restaurant.  Before returning to his native region, he worked at the Elysées Palace then in the UK, Germany and the USA.  He has been coach for the Japanese Bocuse d'Or Team in 2009, 2011 and 2013 and Australia in 2017 and is currently the official coach of Team France for the 2019 Bocuse d'Or.