Team Happy Bread


    On Thursday, April 29th our Intensive Professional Bread Baking students graduated!

    In this class of 12 students were two former Intensive Cuisine graduates, two Intensive Pastry graduates, a former Advanced Pastry student, four Americans, two Greeks, two Indians and one French Chef, Didier Chaput.

    The class was off to a rocky start with our American bartender, Nate who injured his hand trying to rescue his pupppy from another dog's attack. Classes were also suspended one week following President Macron's announcement of a 3rd lockdown. But Chef Didier and Team Happy Bread, led by Jennifer Kim and her (never physically present) dog Gaston, soldiered through! Week after week they fashioned baguettes, sourdough breads, specialty breads, international breads as well as brioches, croissants, pains au chocolat and other delicious danishes and breads. Sydney Connor (@sydney.commelaville) chronicled her experience on the Intensive Professional Program in Bread Baking and drew this beautiful portrait of her classmates.

    We are sad to see such a multi-talented class of students leaving but wish them all the very best in their future endeavors in France and internationally! Go Team Happy Bread!


    Picture: @sydney.commelaville