Summer Training Weeks 2017


    Running from the 20th June until the 7th July 2017, FERRANDI Paris has hosted eight  “Training Weeks “ taught in English which has provided high quality, specialised training in their respective areas of cuisine, pastry and bread bakery. All of the courses are aimed at students or professionals who already have basic skills in pastry or cuisine and wish to develop their skills further under the instruction of esteemed chefs.

    A brief description of some courses that have been running:

    French Breads and Viennoiseries - June 26th - June 30th

    Over 35 hours Chef Didier Chaput shared the secrets of the famed French art of Bread Making. Covering all the French classics from baguettes to brioches, this course has provided participants with a comprehensive knowledge of not only the recipes but also the process of ingredient selection, storage and other key skills for any boulanger. 

    Advanced Macaron - 3rd July – 6th July

    Chef Florent Cantaut reviewed the basic Macaron skills, while also extending the participants' repertoire with new flavours, designs and presentations.

    Chocolate and Confiserie - 3rd July – 7th July

    Chef Stevy Antoine has taken participants over the skills required to master the production of fine quality artisan bonbons, confections and bars. Among other things, students have master the basics, learned to prepare fillings such as ganache and almond paste and master moulding and decorating techniques.

    Advanced Tarts and Entremets 28th June – 30th June

    Designed for those who are already well experienced in the pastry field, this short course has provided individuals with in-depth training in how to achieve buttery crusts from a number of French pastry doughs. To lead this course, FERRANDI Paris was proud to welcome Chef Bastien Girard who was named Pastry World Champion for 2016.