LEBEYS Contest of Gastronomy at FERRANDI Paris

    Publication date - 18/02/2019

    For this 2019 Edition hosted in the kitchen and restaurant FERRANDI Paris “Le 28”, seven categories were competing: the best starter, the best fish or seafood, the best vegetarian dish, the best meat, the best dessert, the best chocolate dessert and the best coffee dessert. 
    A jury of great professionals in the culinary world tasted and marked the dishes at FERRANDI Paris. The prize list will be revealed at the beginning of April at the Lebey 2019 ceremony in the Pavillon Gabriel - Potel and Chabot in Paris.

    The nominees in 2019 are:

    • LEBEY award for the best starter:

    Pebbled foie gras, poached in an iodine / vinegar broth
    Romain Maudit, Le CINQ

    Poached oysters, cream with horseradish, beetroot and lemon
    Matthias Marc, SUBSTANCE

    • LEBEY award for the best vegetarian dish:

    Red beetroot millefeuille with green apple, hazelnut bread crumbs, sorrel
    Simon Horwitz, ELMER RESTAURANT

    • LEBEY award for the best fish and seafood: 

    On blackcurrant shoots, blue lobster of Loctudy with berries, red cabbage cream with black garlic, press juice 
    Nicolas Le Tirrand, LASSERRE
    Cooked and raw langoustines, sunchoke October 2017 aged, sunchoke cream, seaweed candied, caviar, langoustine head emulsion, langoustine head iced
    Guillaume Sanchez, NESO 

    • LEBEY award for the best meat:

    Duck rubbed with the thousand suns of coal on pyre of salsify
    Terumitsu Saito, PLLGRIM

    Beef fillet with grilled bone, warm salad with n.1 Utah Beach oysters back from Asia

    • LEBEY award for the best dessert:

    Nelson Lechien, LA GRANDE CASCADE

    Green apple frozen with Mirin
    Tadashi Nakamura, JOEL ROBUCHON DASSAI

    • LEBEY award for the best chocolate dessert:

    The Hematite
    Pablo Gicquel, LE CRILLON

    The Creamy Guanaja, crispy biscuit, buckwheat ice cream
    Yan Le Douaron, RESTAURANT EDERN

    • LEBEY award for the best coffee dessert:

    Extraction of fir tree in coffee frozen jelly and spicy crystalline chips, unctuous hot chocolate cream. 

    Coffee ice cream and black cardamom spicy emulsion 

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