Publication date - 15/04/2018

    The final of the 6th edition of, « The trophies France-Québec » have taken place at FERRANDI Paris, Saint-Gratien Campus, as the school is a partner of the Federation France-Québec.

    A shared experience between French speakers

    Respect for the product and the regional specialties, exchange of culinary know-how between our two countries, with a view to cross-vocational training and development of Franco-Quebec cooperation, this is the spirit of this competition with the key, for winners, the possibility of taking a 3-month internship at a renowned hotel establishment in Quebec, as well as training for the first two at the ITHQ (Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute) or at FERRANDI Paris . A competition that fits well with the historic desire to share values and culture between our two countries, based on a common language, as evidenced by the composition of the jury that brought together both French and Canadian professionals. The content of the test? The elaboration, from a basket, a dish and a dessert, with as a motto, the development of the characteristic products of the region represented by each finalist, through two creative recipes.

    Ice cider and maple syrup

    Regional specialties from France, as well as specialties from across the Atlantic, were cited by Laurent SACQUEPEE (trainer Saint-Gratien) who was in charge ofthe smooth running of the operation in the kitchen: "The apprentices in the workshop were able to discover new products, such as maple syrup and ice cider, see how we could use them, and see what they brought to classic recipes". Our CAP Cuisine 2nd year students helped candidates become familiar with the premises and equipment: "We wanted to show them that we knew the equipment in our kitchen and we wanted them help them make their meals on time, without wasting time searching for utensils," reports Elsa. Students also had the opportunity to attend the running of a contest: "The level was high! I realized that I had to work a lot more if I too wanted to take part in competitions," says Romane, "we have to manage time whilst doing something original, because they all had the same basket". “Me, I find that it is at the level of the training of the plate, that one sees the difference and one realizes of their level!” Adds Marine, admiringly. Of the 5 regions of the hexagon in competition, it is that of the Grand-Est, represented by Elise CLAUDEL, Lycée Polyvalent Stanislas de Villers-lès-Nancy (54), who won the prestigious trophy, in recognition of his talent shown through his new recipes.
    A talent that our young chefs will undoubtedly acquire one day, if they continue, as they have shown so well throughout the day, to be curious and open-minded about all things the world of gastronomy.