FERRANDI Paris, partner of the symposium organized by the University of Tokyo and the School of Further Studies In Social Sciences October 1st and 2nd

    Publication date - 02/10/2018

    This is the first time a research symposium has brought together Japanese sociologists, anthropologists, historians and renowned French and Japanese leaders.

    On the list of discussed topics: how the transmission, traditions and innovation of food practices meet the current global challenges of preserving the environment, climate change, security and notably, health crises.

    The conference was led by Sandrine Ruhlmann (CNRS, EHESS, PSL University) and Françoise Sabban (EHESS), two renowned researchers in the field. Virginie de Saint-Quentin, a teacher and researcher, and head-teacher Eric Trochon participated on behalf of FERRANDI Paris. 

    The second part of this symposium will be held in March 2019 in Paris and will be followed by further news.