FERRANDI Paris launches its first “Live Cooking Demonstration”!


    As a foretaste of Christmas, the international programs department of FERRANDI Paris offered us a magical moment on December 16th, where prospective students and alumni were able to take part, live, in the realization of a festive cooking recipe.
    On the screen, Stéphane JAKIC, French Cuisine Chef Instructor at FERRANDI Paris and Elisabeth VILLETTE, in charge of recruitment for international programs on the Parisian site of our school. Both of them hosted, for over an hour, a sequence that was followed live by 57 Internet users, all in possession of the recipe that was sent to them beforehand, so that they could obtain the necessary ingredients and carry out each stage of production, simultaneously with our Chef. A first episode of a series which aims to be resolutely modern in terms of culinary creativity, while remaining faithful to the traditional know-how of French gastronomy. You say lobster is too classic? Not for our Chef! Forget the cold starter with mayonnaise recipe and make way for a new recipe where this essential part of festive meals, cooked in a shrimp and Breton cider consommé, is served in a hot broth, accompanied by stuffed ravioli and heritage vegetables.

    Between wide shots, discovering the equipment and utensils of a professional kitchen and close-up shots on the precision of a technical gesture, the recipe is constructed, commented at each stage by our hostess who also relays the tweeting questions of Internet users. The Chef willingly lends himself to the game, reformulating a technique, explaining a professional gesture, giving a lot of advice on the choice of product, talking about budget and price range.

    The result? In addition to an original festive dish in the sumptuous colors of Christmas- a very conclusive demonstration that our Internet users will be able to find on Youtube for a new step-by-step application of the proposed recipe- also a more meaningful representation of the training courses open to international students, offered in the professional kitchens of our school and led by a high-performance team, eager to share its culinary expertise.