Publication date - 23/09/2019

    Founded by the chef himself, the Guillaume Gomez Institute of Excellence prides itself on hard work, solidarity, setting an example and imparting of knowledge – values which show through in the day-to-day life of the Institute.
    The Institute’s mission can be summed up in two main points:

    • Firstly, with the help of contributions from partners and donors , the creation of a network of schools of cuisine and hospitality in countries where training is difficult to access due to a lack of family income and/or educational infrastructure.
      The first school will open in late 2019 in Mauritius. Two more schools are under construction in Madagascar and are set to open in 2020.
    • Secondly, in France, using a novel and flexible method to showcase apprentices and students in hospitality whose grades, contributions to the community or even solidarity actions are outstanding.

    The first school in France to form a partnership with the Guillaume Gomez Institute of Excellence is FERRANDI Paris.

    Given that its teaching method shares the Institute’s values, it is not surprising that FERRANDI has invited those of its students who, alongside their instructors, elected to get involved in teaching projects on a humanitarian and charitable level, to respond to the chef’s appeal.

    The criteria that actions should meet in order to qualify are as follows:

    • Take place in the field of food and catering,
    • Allow students to collectively experience a professional setting,
    • Allow development of professional skills: techniques, project management, and organization,
    • Raise students’ awareness of societal issues they may not necessarily have encountered before,
    • Bring out human values such as generosity, solidarity, altruism and open-mindedness.

    In 2019/2020, around fifty apprentices and vocational high school students (CAP, Bac Pro and BTS) will take part in the project. These students in cuisine, hospitality, bread-baking and pastry come from three of FERRANDI’s campuses: Paris, Jouy-en-Josas and Saint-Gratien. Several activities have already been planned:


    • Food production and service in “Le Refettorio” community restaurant located below the Madeleine church, which serves daily meals to those in need.
    • Operation “Love Baguette” which aims to produce and sell baguettes to raise money for AIDES association, notably in the Gare Montparnasse train station.
    • Providing meals to beneficiaries of French Popular Relief, as part of the “Tablée des Chefs” society’s charity work.

    And more projects are to be announced as the year goes on…

    Chef Guillaume Gomez will provide support and advice to students of FERRANDI Paris as they carry out their projects.