Publication date - 28/03/2018
    Hospitality school Week
    Hospitality school Week

    The fifth “Week of Ecoles Hotelières” took place from the 12th to the 16th March 2018, and was hosted by the "Tablée des Chefs", in partnership with Metro France. FERRANDI Paris has encouraged its students to participate in this action for charity.

    On the Saint-Gratien campus

    On the 15th March, the cooking classes, supervised by their trainer Frédéric RENAUDIN, and the pastry classes, with the CAP 1st year under the watchful eye of Céline GOUBEY, to benefit the emergency services (the Secours Populaire Val d'Oise) in the local neighbourhoods.

    On the Jouy-en-Josas campus

    On the 16th of March, the 1st year CAP and the Bac Pro Cuisine took part in this international charity operation organized. Under the guidance of Dominique VERSTAVEL, the students prepared 100 meals for the benefit of the SOS charity.

    What is it all about ?

    12 schools helped to produce 8000 quality meals from surplus or decommissioned products for the beneficiaries of food aid. Saint-Gratien produces 300 cassolettes pilaf rice with lentils and vegetables and 300 apple crumbles. Preparing meals in large quantities requires an organised approach when working. Students created a chain, some prepared food, some cooked it and others filled and sealed the dishes. 
    "We are the caterers of the heart"
    When asked what the experience bought to the students, the answer was unanimous. The possibility of working differently, the pride of having taken part in a charity event and to put student’s skills and profession together to serve others. A slogan developed, the poetic saying that "We are the caterers of the heart". The collective commitment of the students and the team work resulted in a brilliant outcome.
    Our future catering professionals are now able to work in a different context, having learnt lots from participating in a charitable operation, raising their awareness of the problem of food insecurity and to highlight the problem of food waste.