FERRANDI Paris is committed for the Worlds day to fight Children’s cancer

    Publication date - 20/02/2019

    On February 12th, apprentices and FERRANDI Paris students, from our 3 campuses were in charge of the dinner and service, for the Gala dinner at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, to fight against Children’s cancer.

    350 prestigious guests

    Mayor of Paris, Anne HIDALGO, the first lady Brigitte MACRON and Nicolas SARKOZY, former President of France, and godfather for more than a year of “Cure children’s cancer in the 21st century” were part of the guests, organized by the Gustave Roussy Institute in Villejuif (94), our young cooks and waiters driven by their instructors, were enthusiastic working so close of prestigious guests.
    “To serve famous guests in a breath taking location was very unusual! Clara said “it is one of the perks of this work, to get the chance to experience incredible events” she added.

    For the right cause

    Elaborated by Bernard LEPRINCE, Best Craftsman of the year in France – International Taittinger prize and Stéphane DEBRACQUE, for AUTRET Paris, the menu served was of a great interest for our future professionals which from appetizers to desserts, had to plate, especially delicate since: “Pâté en croute of vegetables with a black truffle leaf” explained to us Ludovic, “they had to be precise and soft, on keeping being fast!”. 
    The same toughness was require in the dining area, walking across the arcades of the amazing golden wooden pieces on the wall in the room and  paintings, our young waiters had to give their best and show the savoir-faire they learnt , in order to be spotless: “we had to execute our service in plates, in a synchronized way” said Astrid: “it was hard because we had to be all at the same times ready for 350 guests! So, we decided to all gathered and train all together”.
    Final assessment: Great teamwork from 3 different locations, and our young students enjoyed being part of this evening which was a success, including the auction, which took place throughout the dinner, made 1.9 million euros to the charity.