Chefs with Caregivers


    Since lockdown began, chefs, FERRANDI alumni and current students have been coming up with initiatives to support those still working, in particular healthcare workers.

    Today we would like to thank Vianney Lecocq (cuisine professor at FERRANDI Paris' , Romain Gicquel (chef and owner of La Ferme des Voisins restaurant) and Gwendal Briant (former FERRANDI Paris student, MAF Cuisine 2015, and current employee at l'Ambroisie ***) for their hard work.

    The three friends, brought together by a passion for cuisine, have all joined the movement started by, the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, Guillaume Gomez (chef at the Elysée)  and Stéphane Méjanès (culinary journalist).

    This has all been made possible thanks to the hard work of the chefs involved, as well as the support of suppliers such as Avigros, METRO, Transgourmet and Rungis. Quitoque, a company which delivers dishes from restaurants to businesses and individuals, has adapted its service to the needs of hospitals and to chefs' availabilities, while respecting hygiene regulations during delivery.

    Since Vianney, Romain and Gwendal joined the movement, they have prepared no fewer than 200 meals to support and care for those who care for us. 

    The aim of the movement is to bring food - and solace - to hospital staff during these difficult times.  If you are a restaurant owner based in France and want to join in and help, click on the link below:

    If you can't join in, then don't forget the best way to support healthcare workers is to stay at home.