Agreement for Double Diploma between ECSP Europe and FERRANDI Paris Signed

    Publication date - 24/04/2019
    Frank Bournois, managing director at ESCP Europe and Bruno de Montre, managing director at FERRANDI Paris
    Frank Bournois, managing director at ESCP Europe and Bruno de Montre, managing director at FERRANDI Paris

    Frank Bournois and Bruno de Monte, managing directors at ESCP Europe and FERRANDI Paris, have signed an agreement to award a joint double diploma.

    This agreement, subject to fulfilling the academic requirements and to completing the two establishments’ selection processes, shall give students the chance to receive a diploma from ESCP Europe in Master’s in Management as well as in Master of Science in Hotel Management from FERRANDI Paris.

    This will mean that students at ESCP Europe, having completed their first year of basic teaching in their Management Master’s, will be able to apply to integrate FERRANDI Paris’s Master of Science in Hotel Management course into their studies. In parallel, a student holding two FERRANDI Paris diplomas in Hotel Management (Bachelor’s and Master of Science in Hotel Management) will be able to integrate ESCP Master’s in Management into their studies. The double diploma is very selective. Applications are set to begin for the academic year 2019-2020.

    Through this agreement, ESCP Europe and FERRANDI Paris are further strengthening their partnership. With FERRANDI Paris being recognized as one of the major contributors in the gastronomy and hotel management industries, and with ESCP Europe being one of the leading business schools, this agreement emphasizes the complementary bond the two have with one another. This agreement falls under the framework of the Institut Hosted, created by the two establishments in 2018, and whose ambition is to become a leading name in hotel management and research in Europe.

    Frank Bournois states: “The Grande Ecole ESCP Europe Master’s in Management programme is dedicated  to both offering a twofold training profile so as to fit both the needs of businesses and the demands of students, and, increasingly, to offering a course personalized to one’s individual needs. Thanks to several double diplomas like this one, offered in partnership with other respected establishments, we give our students the chance to specialise and therefore to differentiate themselves on the job market.”

    “The MSci in Hotel Management at FERRANDI Paris is a benchmark both academically and professionally. It relies on demanding managerial teaching thanks to our international teaching staff and experts, and on an operational approach that is well respected by the biggest names in the sector. This double-skill approach is at the heart of our teaching philosophy, giving our diplomas a prestigious reputation and enabling a pathway into the best international careers,” stresses Bruno de Monte.